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FPV RC car (VGA/QVGA) World's first production FPV RC car. Includes Wireless RCV922 (VGA) or RCV230 (QVGA) display, 2.4Ghz 10mW transmitter, high resolution 420 TVL camera, RC radio with integrated head tracking, pan tilt camera mount, camera transmitter and high performance 4WD RC racer. So simple to use, just put the goggles on your head, turn on the TX switch, turn on the car switch and drive. Camera is integrated into helmet with dual microphones for stereo audio sound for full immersion experience. Car camera is mounted on a pan and tilt mechanism and will follow your own head movements. Feature: 1.Give you real-time driving feeling. You just need to put on the wireless head set with LCD display ,then can see the full scene alone the car way through the high pixel video camera mounted on the car, like you are sitting in the car and driving it, not just operate the car through the transmitter. 2.Realize wireless watching TV. Easily connect the sending set to the TV set with connection wire, and put on the wireless head set with LCD display, then you can go here and there in the house to enjoy the TV without any trouble. 3. Much easy to operate, much fun to the life